Today was a relatively exciting day. The female arrived home in the afternoon and was shortly followed in by a scraggly-looking blonde male with shirt buttons being pushed into an enormous test of endurance. He sat at his computer while the female followed me around with a camera. Normally, I don’t mind posing for a few snapshots, but my beauty sleep had been interrupted today by the appearance of a menacing fly. However, the female seems to take pride in her amateur photography skills and I find its best to go along with her artistic inclinations. While this was going on, the male showed up with a giant box. He is now on the floor putting its contents together. It appears to be some sort of altar, perhaps to appease me or their pagan gods? I jumped up on it to see if he would mind. Eventually he shoved me off while the female wasn’t looking. She was busy making herself a far more indulgent dinner than the one she planned on serving me. It became apparent that the blonde man was invited over to entertain the two with random facts and trivia about the history of Des Moines. Eventually he made it through his list and departed.


Not long after this, I heard a familiar voice. Ah, yes, my good friend Jeremy, you ol’ so and so. Back in the day, we lived as roommates with the other two. There is a man who was always generous when preparing dinner, a man who doesn’t mind if I’ve just used the toilet box due to his inability to smell, a man who knows his proper shirt size. His voice echoed off the concrete floors. I jumped back up on my finished altar to get a good view of the room while we chatted about the old days. Eventually and inevitably the conversation settled on topics of gaming, the perfect lullaby to a sleepy cat’s ears.



  1. Chris A Said:

    I was wondering if you gamed or if you allowed the humans to game in their spare time when you are not being your “busy” little kitty self. I am guessing you do as you now have an altar and are being worshipped as a god of some type (possibly the God of Laziness).

    Please do not be too hard on the female as she works hard and has to put with the demands of the mean person who is making this entry.

    Chris (Owned by Wendell)

    • Jeeves Said:

      Greetings Chris,
      It is not so much a matter of me letting the humans “game”. For the most part, I try to remain an uninvolved, anthropological observer as long as their actions are not directly affecting me.
      Being worshipped actually takes more time than most people think plus I require a certain amount of beauty sleep each day. I have less free time than the humans.
      So the female really does work? She seems a bit spacey and unconnected with the real world. Its hard to imagine her in a work environment. Regardless, please see that she gets a raise. I want to encourage her to buy the premium food for my bowl.
      I would try this “gaming” but I’m not sure what you mean by the word. I engage in real life mind games on a daily basis, but I don’t want to begin a hobby that some people form addictions to (I’ve seen it happen before). I have learned from my crazy days hooked on the C-nip that I have quite an addictive personality and should stay away from certain activities.

      J. Fuzzenstein

      P.S. Please pass on the following to Wendell – meow meooow purr meow meowwwww, purrrrr

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