This afternoon started out as a repeat of yesterday, except for the smell of popcorn that has made its way into every crevice of the loft. The scraggly-looking blonde kid has made yet another appearance. I hope this won’t become a routine thing. Today, Hollywood trivia driveled out of his mouth, but the female seemed to preoccupied with cleaning to pay any attention. I’ve come to realize that cleaning forewarns the advent of visitors so I am preparing myself for what’s to come. I thought I’d do some exercises while I waited to take off the stress.
While clawing on my carpet wave, the female took notice of me and stopped her cleaning in a mid-wax on motion. She walked over to the drawer of random things and hid something behind her back. She approached with a nonchalant air (always a sign that something is up) and I began backing up. Her grabbing move came swiftly and I hadn’t time to make a run for it. She had me in a firm lock and held the nail trimmers up to my paw, but I did not surrender! I flailed about like a madcat with nothing to lose. In the end, victory was mine! I left the scene with claws intact, while the female sat crestfallen in the middle of the floor covered in fur.


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