Loss of power

I must make this brief. Things have grown rather tense in the loft. Earlier this afternoon I had lost track of myself as I nibbled through a tasty cord. Much to my chagrin, I noticed after a slight shock that I had just nibbled my way through the power cord connecting to the female’s laptop. I have been avoiding chewing on power cords recently but I suppose old habits die hard or whatever it is they say about old habits. The female has been giving me hostile looks, but has done nothing more to show disapproval. She seems to underestimate my intelligence. If a dog or human makes a mistake, its best to rub their noses in it right away so they associate the mistake with the punishment. My agile brain does not need such instant reprimand for me to understand what should and shouldn’t be done. I do wish I had chosen a different cord to satisfy my munchies. Hopefully a new cord will appear soon. I’m sure the female will understand that I had to lose her computer’s last vestiges of power to update my blog.


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