Bathtime Horror

A couple times a week, it has become a female ritual to lay in her small pool of warm water, bacteria, and sloth. Oftentimes a glass of wine is involved. This sacred ritual is usually done behind closed doors, but tonight I noticed a door partly ajar and thought it a part of my natural anthropological curiousity to investigate.

Many things were misjudged in this investigation: the width of the pool’s rim, my expanded girth, and most importantly, the slipperiness factor. Still I believe I would have been fine, had she not increased the volume of water in the pool while I was present. Was this a part of the ritual or was she trying to cause a panic. I didn’t mind at first and drew closer to the small waterfall. The heat, however, gave me a fright and I tried to step back and turn around.

Then, and this is very out of character from my usual calm, I panicked! Before I knew what was happening my back legs were in the ritual pool with her. The unsuspected depth made me squirm around even more until I eventually managed to land on the rug outside. I froze in total horror over what had just happened, then darted out of that room as fast as I could.

I have since had time to regain my calm and dry out in the middle of the human-sized bed. While looking back at the incident, what terrifies me most is that I thought I heard a laugh, or perhaps more of a cackle, when taking my leave of the pool room. Oh, the infelinity!



  1. Wakawakawaka Said:

    Poor Jeeves. Those pools are rather deceptive and dangerous for an unsuspecting feline. I would recommend first investigations taking place from atop the nearby toilet. After that you can get in for a closer look if you determine that it is safe. I suggest waiting until the occupant falls asleep before nearing. This way they can not trick you by turning on the waterfall when you least suspect it.

    • Jeeves Said:

      Yes, I agree that getting the bird’s eye view of things is always the best way to begin an investigation, but I’m afraid the layout of the pool room made this impossible. Also, I had an unpleasant experience with the toilet as a kitten and I’d prefer not relive it.

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