Cat Toilet Review

I would like to make a recommendation for all cats that have chosen the city life. The female has recently purchased a toilet box that is simply the human’s bellybutton of feline waste management. At first she was going to buy for me a high-tech fancy device that would do the scooping for her, but her Dutchness is obviously some kind of blocking device when it comes to spending, quite possibly an electric shock delivered to her core when she comes close to purchasing an expensive item. In the end, she went with something in the lower price range.

I scoffed at her frugality, but my initial scoff has proved unfounded. The toilet box she settled on is the Omega Paw Roll’n Clean Litter Box in a tasteful green and beige colour. Instead of scooping, the female rolls the box and it cleans itself. It’s a brilliant concept. Obviously humans don’t care for scooping, but they take great pleasure in rolling things. It doesn’t matter what kind of toilet box I have as long as its clean. But I do need to be careful, as I see the male forming ideas in his head of rolling the box with me in it.



  1. Chris A Said:

    I would love to see that happen to you; it would be cool!

    Chris (owned by Wendell)

    • Jeeves Said:

      I’m not going to dignify that with a response.

      Wendell, meowwwww meooooowwww purr hissssss!

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