HUSH … a night blog haiku


Weaving between blinds
Sesquipedalian cat
Prowling windowsill

Quiet cacophony
Both male and female restless
Interrupted dreams


Pretty words spewed forth
In molds prefabricated
Syllables run out


Oh haiku haiku
Pretentious haiku
How I hate you, hai….



Something about humans at night brings out my poetic side.



  1. Chris A Said:

    OMG! How pretentious! You need to quit sniffing the Cat nip and just live your life.

    Chris (Owned by Wendell)
    From Wendell—Pppuurrrr.

  2. mispeled Said:

    For in that sleep of death what Jeeves may come?

    • Jeeves Said:

      …when you have scuffled off my mortal claws
      will give you pause…

  3. Chris A Said:

    OMG I think I am going to cough up a hairball!

    • Jeeves Said:

      there’s no shame in that. i didn’t know humans had hairball issues. how extraordinary.

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