The Interview

Dinner company came last night – an additional male and female. Male #1 took male #2 over to play video games in his corner. This “gaming” appears one of the main means of interaction between males. (Note: The flamboyant interior decorator who comes over on occasion is an exception to this rule. He must have an alternative procedure for interacting with other males.)

The dinner discussion touched on interviewing for jobs. It appears that the humans have many troubles with job interviews and knowing the right things to do too. I have chosen not to join the working world for many reasons. Of course, the human economy, built from greed and ignorance, creates a non-friendly working environment. All of the employers are looking for someone who is a “people person.” I may talk about people on my blog, but I will NEVER be a “people person.”

My last interview is the main reason for my reluctantly to enter the working world. I remember it all too well.

I had made it to the interview on time and in one piece, which is a big deal for a cat in this human-oriented city. Anyway, I was waiting for this interview to start when I saw the candy bowl on the desk. The overly-sugared, sticky concoctions have never been agreeable to my digestive processes. I started to wonder if I really wanted this position. After all, it wasn’t exactly my dream job. Then I saw, near the window, a beautifully-lit fresh fish bowl with the most appetizing selections that have ever greeted my eyes. Oh, how considerate of the company to think about my tastes! I could tell this was a company that truly accepted and appreciated diversity.

I helped myself to one, not wanting to look greedy, then sat quietly for a few more minutes. I began to think it might be some sort of test. What was the proper amount of fish to take? Perhaps only taking one looked rude. It was when I was reaching in for my second helping that the interviewer finally decided to appear, looking rather distraught. The greedy, human slob must have been keeping them all for himself! The room filled with a mutual disgust and I had to make my immediate exit before the claws came out.

I learned at dinner that the human concerns with interviewing deal mainly with the questioning process, which I didn’t reach in my interview. I might want to study up on the typical interview questions asked and the correct answers to them, as I may have the urge to find a paying job soon.


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