What’s she hiding in there?

Well, well, well. Look who’s finally decided to show up after 5 days. The female hobbled in last night with her luggage and freshly freckled face. I tried to ask where she was, but I couldn’t get a coherent response from her. Only garbled-up lyrics of random Johnny Cash songs poured out of her mouth.

While she was greeting the male, I advanced upon her suitcase to find some answers. I was struck with a strange juxtaposition of smells. The enticing aroma of southern fudge mingling with the alarming odor of freshly-washed mini-human caused me to pause for fear of a fudge-covered mini-human leaping out in attack position.

The female went to work today, although I didn’t think she would make it when she first awoke. It seemed to me as though she might be calling in with a bad case of nihilism. However, a fresh brew of the ol’ liquid motivation seemed to boost her spirits and out the door she went. I indulged in a saucerful myself and then set to work sitting guard on top of the suitcase. As of yet, no movement from within has been detected.


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