Healthful Life Cat Chow Purina Balance

After writing my novel its difficult to return to this sporadic posting-style. As it is for most bloggers, I find my most stimulating topics when I have something to complain about. Things have been rather uneventful lately, but I knew my roommates wouldn’t let me down for long. 

The female with her wholly misguided human American consumer brain has just brought home a new type of dry food for my serving platter. Instead of the usual brown grain chunks, I am now being treated to brightly-colored grain chunks. This feast boasts of scientific blend of chicken, salmon, whole grains, cranberries, carrots, garden greens, and cheeses all in one. I don’t think any food product should boast of such a list of ingredients and unfortunately I’m only a fan of 3 of these foods.

In the words of the male. “I love me some cheese” (they use very awkward grammar sometimes) and I am not opposed to variety in my diet, but I’d prefer this variety wasn’t all blended together and dried up with added food coloring. I don’t see the humans collecting all the elements of a fine dinner and then throwing them in the blender.

At first I wondered why she had brought me this bizarre food but now I can picture the female checking out all the food in the feline grocery section and picking out the item with packaging that reinforced her faux-zen, green, hippie, healthy attitude at the time. When she is in a scientific mood, I get food in blue packaging and when in a playful mood she brings me back yellow-packaged food. Before this brand, the only difference in the food was in the coloring and shapes (I like the scientific shapes the best). But this health food is harsh on the olfactory system. At least, it’s a small bag that will be gone soon. I’ve been making a show of how disgusting it is so she’ll understand that I never want to smell, taste, or see this food again. I think she’s starting to get it.



  1. M.A.Trotter Said:

    You know, Jeeves. I’ve heard it’s really hard for you to suddenly switch food. Do you get an upset stomach often? Do you sometimes refuse to eat any new food and only eat the food you know you love (like tuna)? Try getting the woman to pick one food brand and type for your optimal health (like a fatty-indoor formula) and stick with it. If you get skinny and just need an indoor formula, you should just mix a little at a time and gradually transition to the new food over a few weeks. Then you’ll be happy and healthy and good to go!

    • Jeeves Said:

      I’m sure a hunger strike would get my point across but I find a mix of nuzzling, biting, and guilt work best on the female. Anyway, she just started mixing in the new food with the old. Sometimes I think she reads this blog.

  2. Frisket of Pella Books Said:

    Hey, I am so old my pack leaders look for food that contains vitamins and minerals to help my aches and pains. I can even sort of run again. Fortunately we dogs have so few taste buds that it all tastes the same anyway. I really like it when they wrap a pill in butter or cheese. I swallow it down because I love butter and cheese. The alpha male sometimes just forces open my jaw and crams the pill down my throat. Gag me with a spoon. He says that is the way they did it in the old days. However, then he gives me some extra attention, so that is all right.

  3. petslover Said:

    I must admit I find it insightful to read your blogging. Keep up the good work.

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