One person’s “tweet” is this cat’s “meow”

While after strenuous mental oscillating, I have finally done it. I have started my own twitter account (under username JeevesCat (as TheCatsMeow was already taken(probably by some human moron who doesn’t deserve it))).

My decision to tweet came shortly after the arrival of my new iPhone. I don’t think I ever let myself fully admit it before, but I’ve been jealous of the male’s iPhone for some time now. Knowing I didn’t have the funding, I told myself that the smug iPhone was superfluous to my simple feline lifestyle, but now that my benefactor (the female) has bestowed this futuristic gift upon me, I intend to take full advantage. The touch-screen keyboard, which has previously intimidated me, is now a cause for celebration. What a relief it is to no longer clean the fur out between keys.

Many of the human-oriented “apps” have been amusing, but the idea of a cat-oriented application has filled me with the ol’ innovator’s excitement.  Perhaps I could create an app that shows the hottest tuna spots, or the most reliable catnip suppliers, or where in the area are the best cat doctors. Or maybe I should just come up with a product that the humans would go bonkers over and throw their money at. Obviously, this will take some more consideration.


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  1. Frisket of Pella Books Said:

    I would think the touch screen would be especially advantageous since you don’t have opposable thumbs. I suffer from the same problem.

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