The Weight Issue

So I’ve put on a few pounds, people! There is no need to be constantly pointing this out. Every visitor who enters the loft is full of the obvious observations. Yes, Yes, I’m fat. What can I say, I’m a stress-eater.

The female’s family stopped by on the weekend. They took notice of my wide girth, which is just ridiculous. All of them weigh more than me. Sure I’m just a cat, but nobody likes to be reminded of their weight issues.

Even without this recent reminder, I have been thinking lately that losing a few pounds might help boost my diminished energy levels.

So I’ve decided I’ll give yoga a try. I’ve been checking out some books on yoga positions that the female brought back for me from the library. I’m pretty good at the “corpse pose” but have physical, as well as moral qualms, when it comes to the “downward dog pose.”



  1. Jeeves, I am getting fatter also. My ribs no longer can be felt. So the awful people with whom I live have cut down on the amount of food they feed me. And they insist on longer walks, no matter how much snow is coming down. And although I am a dog, I have never heard of the downward dog pose. Maybe I should learn to look at pictures?

    But Jeeves, my stomach hangs down because of all the litters of puppies I have had. What is your excuse?


    • Jeeves Said:

      My excuse, huh? Well, I’m going to go with slow metabolism. Also, it’s not easy being stuck inside with all this snow. I can’t get my daily run in. Also, bacon.

  2. Hi Jeeves,
    I just found you through the CB… hi!! I’m Katie and I have my own blog as well. Like you, I’m a tad sarcastic and judgmental towards my human. Well, what cat wouldn’t be. I was recently informed by my crackpot V-E-T that my food is to be “measured” out so that I can “lose a few.” I don’t like the sounds of that one bit.

    Well stop by anytime and say hi.
    (Glogirly’s Cat)

    • Jeeves Said:

      Measured?! My fur is tingling with offense and disgust! The humans have excellent discipline towards others, not so much towards themselves.

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