Office Humor

The female keeps forwarding me spamy emails of her own creation. I don’t know why she decided to add me to her mailing list. Her sense of humor, already much less discerning than mine, appears to be even more jumbled in the office place. Things that wouldn’t be funny are suddenly hysterical to her. She insists it is funny. Office humor she says. Office humor? Or total detachment from reality? I’ve acquired enough of these “episodes” to warrant it’s own blog.



  1. Karen Jo Said:

    A sense of humor is different for each person. If the emails get too bothersome, you could always assign them to the junk folder or the trash.

    • Jeeves Said:

      Very practical…a little too practical. Could you please rephrase your advice into limerick form? I think I’d have an easier time following it then. Anyway, the female has packed her bags and been “out of office” as they say. Hopefully the temporary break of office spam will become permanent.

  2. Hi there! We heard about you on the cat Blogosphere, and wanted to say hello! We also got to agree with you… probably your human is delusional… no humor in the office… unless it is the case to laugh not to cry! But you got to forgive her… She is only human… What would you expect, after all?!

    • Jeeves Said:

      That’s very true. Best to keep expectations low when dealing with humans. I think the office is a breading ground for delusions and depressing humor. I guess I can’t be too hard on her though if she’s bringing home the tuna.

  3. Jack Said:

    I have a similar problem with my Opposable Thumb Wench. Only her office is here at home, so I get to experience the ‘joy’ first paw. Sometimes she even press-gangs me and my sister Persephone into her shenanigans. I’m not even sure who’s ‘benefit’ she thinks she’s doing it for, since there’s no human here except her and the Big One. And he’s rarely home!

    • Jeeves Said:

      Whoa! The human has her cubicle space at home?! I have not heard of such a thing. I hope the office insanity doesn’t inconvenience you and your sibling too much.

  4. Enna Said:

    Oh awesome idea for a blog!

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