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Up pulls the taxi cab

I watched from the windowsill Tuesday afternoon as the female arrived back home after a three-night sojourn (location unknown). I was excited to see her, I must admit. When the female is away, the only attention I receive from the male is mostly unwanted. While she was gone, he brought home some wonderfully-sized white boxes. He’s not a fan of sharing however. It’s very difficult for me to pass up a new box opportunity. Not that it matters now, as he already has most of them filled.

Anyway, I saw from the window that the female was finally back. I jumped with joy and then headed to her desk chair. I didn’t want to act too eager when she came home. Compliments like that usually go straight to her head. I was “sleeping” when she got home. I couldn’t resist a little head nuzzling though. As usual, she smelled like mini-human. This is typical after she’s been away for a few days.

The next day, she came back early from work, looking mighty pale. I think maybe she caught some strange disease from the mini-human. Luckily, (I did a bit of research) I am immune to all things mini-human.

She went back to work today, and I thought I’d have a peaceful day to myself, but now the male is refusing to leave. Come on people! I can’t miss you, if you don’t leave! Sure, I may throw in some extra head nuzzling when the female has been gone for awhile but, as they say, familiarity breeds contempt. I am becoming all too familiar with my humans as the week nears its end. I hope they have some more vacations coming up.