A Box for All Occasions

The humans have been making a lot of online purchases lately. If I know my reader well, you’re probably thinking that I’m going to go on a tirade about wasteful human consumerism and/or an increase in laziness while wastefully consuming. If that is what you are thinking, dear reader, you couldn’t be more mistaken. With every new online purchase comes a NEW BOX! Not all of these boxes are perfect of course, but the excitement of trying out a new box is all I ask for.

I have several boxes now to go with my varying moods. There is the shallow number that suits me perfectly in the afternoons with the sun warming up the sides. Then, there are deeper, more snug boxes, when one wants to be fully ensconced in the cardboard blanket of boxness. I have a couple variations of these boxes, some more aged and “lived in” than others.

The male has been threatening to throw them out, but if I know my humans well, their procrastination and laziness will always keep a few spare boxes around.


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