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An Art Critique

I got a package in the mail today. No, no, it’s not a new box, but how excited I was to see this item of mail addressed in handsome handwriting to J. G. Fuzzenstein! For years I’d been living vicariously though the humans, living literally in their discarded boxes and packaging materials as though the were my own. Sure, I get plenty of junk mail, newsletters, and the usual, but never have I received a quality package for moi! On this oversized envelope lovingly cushioned in bubble paper was written “Art Work Do Not Bend.” Perhaps the posthuman thought this an ironic note or mere envelope decoration, but the damage done was minimal, and is nothing a little fine matting and framing won’t erase.

I had the female open the envelope with all the delicacy her opposable thumbs could muster. And out came the Slayer! Oh yes, dear reader, I am well acquainted with the slayer. Many a nights did the humans and I lay on the couch in insomniatic-Buffy-marathon-mode exchanging whedonesque quips with each other while eagerly losing all touch with reality. It was quite the bonding experience. In fact, if it weren’t for the shared Buffylove, I may have left them.

Coming back to the artwork, you might be asking yourself who’s handsome face that is this on the Buffy’s top? Yours truly! (also with the expression of a fearless slayer, I might add) Yes, it’s quite the masterpiece for my collection. I’d given up on my art collection after commissioning the female to do a piece. She choose for the subject a still life of Mrs. Potato Head. I don’t think too little can be said about the Mrs. Potato Head failure. But now with this Karl Moline to add the collection, I can start afresh!

Thank you Mike!