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Shark Week!

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I hardly think I can be blamed. To all of my readers not living on this planet, you have been missing Shark Week!

Shark Week is pretty much an international weeklong holiday to felines.

I’ve been soaking in the shark programming with all the monomaniacal tenacity of a Captain Ahab who can only view his fishemy through the television screen.

To cap off the excitement of Shark Week, I invited all my Facebook friends to Shark Party 2010, the first annual shark party.

I’m not much of a party planner, but the roommates agreed to help with some of the preparations. I learned an important lesson for this: Never trust a human with party foods.

I was planning on providing guests with a fully stocked fish tank, where people could just serve themselves, but the female insisted on only providing fish-shaped food instead. I’m sure the guests were all wildly disappointed, even though they were too nice to mention the lack of live refreshments.

The male managed to pull something acceptable together after given the duties of beverage preparation. The fish tank was used for shark punch, and although the ratios were not quite to my taste (1 part vodka: 2 parts diabetes), it was a very pretty sight.

Nobody minded a little fur in the shark punch tank.