Yummy Cat Grass

I was doing a little research online in want of cat grass information when I stumbled across blogs about cats. It turns out that some cats have their own human papparrazi that follows them around. Obsessive cat people have always frightened me. I did come across an engaging website that others might find equally exciting.



  1. Chris A Said:

    Jeeves, cat grass is common knowledge…I surely thought a cat of your stature would know this. Wendell has had his own patch for over a year know and he eats it as the mood hits him.

    On thing about that altar that your pets built you…. are you sure it is not a sacrificial altar? Maybe they are fattening you up to eat you??!?! I know it may seem crazy but you are surrounded by crazy people, you yourself have said so in your blog.

    Think about it…….

    Chris (Owned by Wendell)

    • Jeeves Said:

      Of course, I know all the common knowledge there is to know about cat grass and more. It’s one of the easiest things to grow and eat, but there is an ocean of more obscure knowledge out there that I use my cyber sense to detect.
      Yes, the humans appear to be quite insane. I can’t be sure if its just these humans or if this is just a common condition of your species. However, they have desecrated the altar with their machinery, which makes me think it may not have been meant for me at all. I wish they were fattening me up to eat me. Maybe then, I could get a decent meal.

      Best regards,
      J. Fuzzenstein

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